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About Us

NACITI ATM a division of EAG; is owned and operated by skilled business professionals of Elmira, NY. Collectively, these experts have twenty years of industry experience, making them one of the leading ATM companies in the state. Currently, NACITI ATM/EAG operate hundreds of ATM machines nationwide, with a primary concentration in the tri-state (New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut) and north eastern regions (Pennsylvania, Delaware and Virginia).

At NACITI ATM, all roads lead to your money!

The NACITI ATM staff is dedicated to providing exceptional service, sales and technical support to every ATM location. NACITI ATM makes the transition period seamless, starting from the initial ATM consultation, to the installation and cash delivery process. All final balancing is managed and maintained wirelessly, at every terminal throughout the country, by NACITI/EAG expert technicians. This method guarantees all systems are in place to ensure tasks are complete and outstanding issues are immediately resolved.